A long drive for a short spring break

Karena Ozier, Columnist

Spring break is getting closer, and with it are travel plans. I have been planning to go to Texas for the first few days of my spring break to spend some time with my boyfriend who is there for the Air Force. For the remainder of my break, after my trip, I plan on working or relaxing.

It’s not just me who takes advantage of time off school. It seems like a lot of students go on big spring break trips. Three days in Texas was all I could afford, but I know that a lot of students do not hesitate to make each spring break better than the last. 

While this spring break trip will be short, I am beyond excited to finally get there. The 10-or-more-hour drive that I have to take to get there will be worth it when I finally get to see the reason I am going there. 

I am not, however, excited for the drive down because I am nervous as to how it will go. I have never driven for more than 4 hours at one time. Of course, I plan to take breaks to get food or to go to the restroom, but the drive is unpredictable. 

I won’t know how the traffic is or how the weather will be until it gets closer. I am hoping for a nice spring day unlike the days we have had recently. 

Another reason that I am nervous about the drive is because I have never driven this far alone. Usually when I take trips, I have at least one other person with me, but since it will just be me, I am curious to see the different way that I can make the trip interesting. Although the drive to Texas and back will be painful, finally getting to my destination will be worth it all. 

Knowing now that spring break trips take a little more time to save up for than expected, I am already planning next year’s spring break. I am hoping that I will be able to spend more time where I want to go without spending more money. 

I used to not understand why college students made a big deal out of spring break. The high school I went to didn’t even have a real spring break. After being in college, I finally understand why. 

After all of the hard work that I have put into all of my school activities and school work, I am definitely ready for a break. It can’t come soon enough!

Karena Ozier is a freshman elementary education major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected].