Graphics class redesigns logos, websites for local businesses


Jordan Boyer | The Daily Eastern News

Samantha Osborne, a professor of graphic design, talks to her students and Joe Judd, owner of Bob’s Bookstore, after the students’ design pitch Wednesday afternoon in the Doudna Fine Arts Center.

Morgan Bledsoe, Contributing Writer

Vanessa Lopez (center), a senior graphic design major, pitches her design to Joe Judd (left), owner of Bob’s Bookstore, Wednesday afternoon in the Doudna Fine Arts Center.
Jordan Boyer | The Daily Eastern News
Vanessa Lopez (center), a senior graphic design major, pitches her design to Joe Judd (left), owner of Bob’s Bookstore, Wednesday afternoon in the Doudna Fine Arts Center.

Eastern’s Graphics IV students redesigned local businesses’ logos, their websites and created a product, for a class project.

Students presented their designs to four local business owners Monday and Wednesday afternoon at Doudna in Room 2710.

Two of the businesses that showed for the redesign Wednesday include Infinity Fitness and Bob’s Bookstore.

The first group of students redesigned Infinity Fitness.

This group consisted of senior graphic design majors and Graphic IV students Becca Bange, Gabrielle Bersamin, Shay Martin and Sam Newman.

The original logo currently being used was designed by Samantha Osborne, who teaches the class, and featured a man lifting weights and the words ‘Infinity Fitness.’

Martin gave Infinity Fitness what she believes is a new sleek and contemporary feel.

She used colors like light green and gray.

She said she used these colors to keep gym members energized and motivated.

Her logo used the words ‘Infinity Fitness’ and an infinity sign.

Martin also used her new logo and showcased it on a water bottle that was the same color as the redesigned logo.

Bange used the colors yellow and gray in her redesign giving the gym what she called a “more rugged look.”

Bange said she used these colors because yellow is the most noticeable, and gray is calming and enhances focus.

Bange’s logo also included a man lifting weights in her logo as a callback to the original.

The product Bange presented was a sweatshirt showcasing her redesigned logo using her color scheme.

Bersamin took another approach to the design of the logo.

Instead of incorporating the word “fitness” into the logo, she said she used a barbell and the word “infinity.”

She did this because with the barbell, the word “fitness” would seem almost redundant, she said.

Bersamin created dog tags featuring the logo she created for her product.

Newman used the same colors that Bange used and went in a similar direction, but the design was still new.

Newman created a duffel bag featuring his logo for his product.

The owners of Infinity Fitness, Matt and Alicia Bower, were very receptive to the changes presented by the students.

Matt Bower said he enjoyed the face-to-face aspect of the meeting, because most of the time companies just call you and never meet with you.

He was grateful for the designs, and despite the business being his “baby,” he said he was excited for the future.

The next group redesigned the logo and website for Bob’s Bookstore.

This group consisted of senior graphic design majors Jerry Koehler, Vanessa Lopez and Ariel Herbord.

Each of the students in this group designed a tote bag with the logo they created.

Koehler said that at the start of the presentation they challenged themselves to make a logo without the use of pictures of books.

Koehler designed a simple user-friendly website with an equally simple logo.

In his website design, there were no confusing or misleading tabs; it was just the basics that a bookstore would need.

Herbord designed a logo with the words “Bob’s Bookstore” surrounded by bookends.

Lopez, instead of using a font or typeface, wrote the logo by hand.

The owner, Joe Judd was receptive to all the designs and said he loved them all.

After their presentations, the students gave the business owners a packet.

The packet contained the presentation given so they could look over the designs and consider using them.

After the presentations were all done, students began talking about the project.

“My favorite part was the beginning ideation and sketching process,” Bange said. “I love making so many different logo designs and narrowing it down to one.”

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