Disadvantages of being a taller female

Kate Rehwinkel, Columnist

Over our recent break, I went to Chicago with a couple of my friends.

One of the places we went to was the Woodfield Mall. I have been in desperate need of new tennis shoes. I stopped at one shoe store and the biggest size they went up to was a women’s 10. Of course, that is where 99 percent of shoe brands stop at for women. Unfortunately, I am a 5ft 10 inch tall female, and I do not wear a size 10, I wear a size 11 wide.

I dread shoe shopping because I do not feel feminine with my huge feet. I walk into a shoe store so insecure and embarrassed. I always ask an employee if they carry a size 11 wide in womens. Sometimes, the employee looks surprised, and some just laugh and say no.

There have been many years when I have had to buy men’s tennis shoes, which definitely does not boost my self confidence.

I believe society for many decades has supported the idea that women need to have small and dainty feet to be deemed as pretty or feminine, and I am here to tell you that women with bigger feet deserve to look just as stylish as a girl with average size feet.

Another problem with being a tall female is that taking a bath is definitely not relaxing. It has been years since I have taken a bath because it is not comfortable. When I sit in the bathtub my knees have to be bent and they stick out of the water. I need a customizable bathtub in my future apartment or house.

When I lived in Andrews Hall I used communal bathrooms, and when I would stand up in the stall I could literally see over the top of it. I could see right into the sink area, and girls would look in the mirror at me and give me weird looks as if I was standing on my tiptoes to get a look at them when in reality I was just standing up to walk out of the stall.

There are many days when I wish I was short, but I am glad to be tall. I do think stalls in bathrooms need to be taller and bathtubs should be longer, but if all shoe designers produced sizes to fit women with bigger feet the world would be a happier place for me.

Kate Rehwinkel is a junior management major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or at

[email protected].