Unidentified man who exposed self to 2 students still at large

Jordan Boyer, Photo Editor

An unidentified suspect remains at large after exposing himself and masturbating in front of two Eastern students at approximately 7:30-8 p.m. Monday at Morton Park.

Sadie Elliot, a junior fashion and merchandising major, is one of the victims from the incident. She described the suspect as an older white male, approximately 5 feet 11 inches tall, wearing a ski mask and a gray coat.

Elliot and her friend Diamond Williams, a junior, were walking back from Lambo’s Gas Station when they saw the suspect at Morton Park.

“As we were crossing through the park, right by the softball field, we walk by and there’s this guy.” Elliot said, “Then he just stopped, pulled his pants down, and started fondling himself.”

Elliot was not paying attention at first, but she looked up and saw the suspect holding something. Her friend Williams told her what he was doing, and they started to scream and run away.

“As we were running off, he was shouting, he said something about, ‘You girls are sick, you’re weird,’ or something like that. I screamed back at him, saying, ‘You’re weird, you’re the sick one.’” Elliot said. She also threw her drink at him while running away.

The suspect circled around the pavilion as they were running, but they ran to Elliot’s apartment, and they could not get her door unlocked so they ran to Williams’ house on 7th Street. They got away from the suspect and called the Charleston Police Department shortly after they arrived at 7th Street.

Elliot lives near Morton Park and said she has seen the suspect before. She said she has seen the man ride around her parking lot before on a bike.

Elliot said she does not feel safe because of the fact that she has seen the suspect before around her building, and she is unsure if the suspect targeted them specifically.

“I’m sure he knows I live here because he has seen me take my dog out and stuff.”

Elliot wants to remind people to stay safe, especially in the park. “Not even just college students, but people bring their kids to that park.” Elliot said, “He’s out there walking around.”

Currently the suspect remains at large.

The Charleston Police Department is invetigating the case.

Those with information should contact the investigations divsion of CPD.

More information will be added to the story as it becomes available.

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