CAA to vote on bylaw revisions

Staff Report

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The Council on Academic Affairs will vote on one, possibly seven, action items during their meeting Tuesday.

The only item to be acted on is revisions to the CAA bylaws.

The Chair will entertain a motion to add items 19-008 through 19-013, 19-008 to the agenda to be acted on during the meeting. These items include a Request for Reasonable and Moderate Extension bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising and Design, MIS/CIT 4760: Systems Analysis, Design and Development (new course), MIS/CIT 4770: Database and Data Management (new course), engineering technology minor (revised minor), management information systems minor (revised minor) and management information systems major (revised major).

Items to be added to the budget for next week include revisions to the bachelor’s degree in the General Studies program and a new course, SPE 4980: Non-Licensure Programming and Services for Individuals with Disabilities.

Fourteen executive actions will be voted on, and three reports are listed to be heard by the council.

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