Tutors available to help students improve grades

Victoria Wasiloski, Staff Reporter

It is never too early to get started studying or to schedule tutoring sessions to help maintain the good grades students strive to achieve. 

Luckily, there are many tutoring facilities around campus to help students, regardless of class subject. 

Eastern’s website lists many options for students who would like to get help from tutors, and it also has the Spring 2019 departmental tutoring schedule. 

The website gives credit to their tutors by saying, “Tutors, hired for both their knowledge and ability to communicate, work with students to identify problem areas and misconceptions about the course material, provide frequent feedback and work towards creating self-motivated, independent students.” 

Heather Vaupel, a senior student tutor who is majoring in Spanish, said good communication is an important aspect of her job. 

She said when students come in asking for help with papers, she will have them print the papers out and indicate areas they need help with.  

Together, Vaupel and the students she tutors go over the mistakes in the paper so the student can understand how to improve and feel confident enough to complete homework assignments independently, she said. 

Along with helping fellow students with their work, Vaupel said she enjoys utilizing the Spanish language during tutoring sessions. 

“The thing I like the most about tutoring is actually using my Spanish. It is not common to know a foreign language, and being able to actually use Spanish and help people with the language is really cool,” she said.

From foreign language to writing, there is always someone who specializes in the class a student needs help with, according to Eastern’s website. 

Successful writing is an important skill to have as a college student, and the Writing Center on the third floor in Coleman Hall, as stated on its website, is an available resource for all Eastern students. 

Conner York and Arielle Starkey, both workers at the Writing Center and double majors in literary studies and creative writing, said the work they do revolves around improving students’ written work. 

They said editing is just part of what they do at the center; they also help students with anything related to writing, from brainstorming ideas to the writing process itself. 

Starkey said the Writing Center allows students to print their papers out at the center if they do not have access to a printer anywhere else.  

Once the student workers at the center have the paper, they ask the student the main issue they have with it and go from there to help, she said.  

York said even though she is a tutor, she learns a lot from the people that stop in and feels happy when they learn new concepts.  

“I actually want to be a teacher, so it is really special for me when I see (students) understand,” she said. 


Victoria Wasiloski can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected].