University Board to host ‘Family Feud’ comedy night

Hannah Shillo, Entertainment Reporter

A “Family Feud” themed comedy night hosted by University Board will be held in 7th Street Underground on Wednesday from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Mariah Marlar, University Board chair and senior public relations major, said admission is free and all students are welcome to attend.

Marlar said Lauren King, University Board’s spotlight coordinator, will be hosting the event.

“(King) is going to have teams set up and she’s going to be the ‘Steve Harvey’ of the event,” Marlar said. “It’s pretty much going to run like ‘Family Feud,’ except all of the surveys have been answered by college students.”

According to, University Board’s goal is to provide entertainment to students in order to help each person have a fun time during college.

“We as coordinators,” the website said, “work together to provide the best events to make sure all of Eastern’s students have the best college experience.”

The website also said this comedy night is one of several nights that are planned throughout the year.

While this is the first time University Board has hosted a “Family Feud” themed comedy night, they have hosted different comedy nights in the past, including lip-syncing, comedian shows and Disney-themed karaoke.

“I went to Disney karaoke,” Marlar said. “That was entertaining because people got up and sang Disney songs, so that was pretty cool.”

Marlar said the average turnout for University Board comedy nights is about 80 people, but she encouraged even more to attend to forget about the stress of school.

“I think it’s a way to relax,” she said. “You get to hang out with your friends, you get to laugh a little and you don’t have to think about school or work. It’s one way to enjoy your time here on campus, and it’s a free and fun event.”

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