Music holds a special power over people and places

Karena Ozier, Columnist

Nearly everyone has that song that when they listen to it, it can take them away from any place they are at. Everyone’s song choice varies based on the personality of the person who is listening. Music has a powerful way of capturing how someone is feeling by telling a story through song.

Music can even hold a memory. Every time you hear a certain song, you may think of someone. For instance, a slow dance you had with someone special. The song that captured the moment.

While music can do so many wonderful things, it can also become overwhelming. At times when I find myself listening to sad songs on repeat, I realize the power that music has. By repeatedly listening to songs that matched my sad mood, I found it hard to be happy.

I eventually convince myself to play a very upbeat song, and I instantly feel joy. Music speaks to the heart.

How I feel reflects directly on what kind of music I listen to. Of course, I have a few songs that always seem to work their way into my daily playlist, but overall, music is the mood.

Music can fill an empty room with life. From wall to wall there is passion in the words and balance in the sound.

Even a completely empty room can seem full with music playing. Outside of the room can even fade when you focus on a song.

I used to not understand why people would listen to music on their way to class instead of listening to their surroundings. I understand it now.

Because music can take us anywhere, it can make a simple walk to class something remarkable. If it’s snowing outside and you are listening to “Let It Go” from Frozen, you can almost feel like you are in the movie. Especially if you are walking by Old Main. Your castle, which is lit up at night, is right there.

Music is a beautiful power that we all have. It’s our own time machine that can send us back in time to remember a moment or a tool used for imagination.

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that music makes a difference. When you’ve had a bad day or you need a song to go with your victory dance, music is the key.

Karena Ozier is a freshman elementary education major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected]