Find your balance of routine, spontaneity

Natalee Reynolds, Columnist

Now that winter break is over, my fellow Eastern classmates and I are scrambling to readjust to classes and keep up with the seemingly never-ending homework load.

I’m a sucker for organization and routine, and you’ll find small flashes of this if you’ve read any of my other columns—I try to wake up around the same time every day, and I have the same morning routine: read, write, fix breakfast (and now, a part of my New Year’s resolution), go to the gym (and then, if I’m being honest, usually have a second breakfast).

My mornings are the only part of the day that I truly have to myself, which is why I make it a point to take time to do some things I enjoy.

All of the little things I enjoy comprise one major component: routine. I love having a routine and will oftentimes find myself going a little bit crazy if I don’t have that normal routine in my life.

Some people though, like the spontaneity of new things every day. To them, each day the sun rises is a new adventure, and they don’t have any specific routine. And that’s totally okay. Hey, props to you and being able to function without having a set routine.

But if you’re not a superhuman who can handle having each day to be new and different and exciting and crazy, then you’re probably more like me, and finding a routine could be the key to having a balanced life.

Finding that balance is so important—especially at my and my peer’s ages. Between school, our job(s), and everything else going on, we need to find that balance to help keep our sanity. And for me, that’s a normal, specific daily routine. For you, the case could be the complete opposite.

But no matter what it is that you do to keep the peace in your life, don’t forget to keep doing it. Continue to make time in your day for those moments of balance and peace.

And with it not only being a new semester, but also a new year, what better time to start a resolution list? And the first item on your agenda can be to take time out and find that balance in your life.

Natalee Reynolds is a sophomore English major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or

[email protected].