ALT TV gives students chance to showcase work

Daniel Jones, Contributing Writer

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The Alternative Television and Film Club or ALT TV, an extra-curricular program where students create multiple sketch-like projects and puts them together for one big show, showcased its 13th episode Thursday night Dec. 6 in the Buzzard Hall Auditorium. 

The program is run by advisor Scott Walus, who is also the overall show runner.  

Walus said ALT TV is meant to be a creative space for students and provides them with the chance to create sketch television that is free from parameters that certain classes may place on students.  

Walus said students who participate in ALT TV become a part of a community where they can make connections that last past their college careers.  

Although Walus is the one making some of the final decisions, ALT TV is run by students. The students involved in ALT TV write, produce, direct, film and sometimes star in their own sketches.  

Some of the students involved in the program include: Sihan Pascarella, Jervonte Daniels and Elazia Key who are all television and video production majors. 

“The roles we play are very crucial because we must come up with ideas on things we want to shoot and set a foundation,” Daniels said. “And if we do not cooperate accordingly then there wouldn’t be an episode to show.”  

Daniels also said the students involved are a family that bond through their love for film. “ 

I feel we have a connection with each other because we all love to do the same things. Me being a new member, I love to learn new things and it is also a great feeling being around people who are friendly and welcoming,” Daniels said. 

Walus said no experience is needed so anyone can join. 

“We already have the assumption that students have no experience in production. The only thing needed to be in this program is the passion for TV, everything else you van be taught,” Walnus said. 

Daniels said they encourage prospective members to not be shy and come with the passion to make film.  

ALT TV meets every Tuesday at 6 p.m. in Buzzard Hall.  

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