CAA approves 3 new degrees based on old FCS framework

Brooke Schwartz, News Editor

The Council on Academic Affairs approved the new branches of what used to be the school of Family and Consumer Sciences at its meeting Thursday.

Last year, Provost Jay Gatrell revealed a college reorganization plan, which included many program and name shifts around campus, including the dismantling of what was the school of Family and Consumer Sciences.

Richard Wilkinson, CAA vice chair/recorder and the program coordinator for hospitality and tourism, said this change created a need for stability for the newly separated sections of what used to make up the school.

“The school of Family and Consumer Sciences, before reorganization, offered just one degree, and within that degree there were three options and three concentrations,” Wilkinson said. “So with this reorganization, some of those programs were distributed to three different colleges on campus, and so what we have right now are options and concentrations that aren’t tethered to a degree.”

Presented at CAA were three new degrees, built on the framework of options and concentrations from the school.

One of the three proposals is the human services program administration major, which used to be the Family and Consumer Sciences family service option.

Along with the major proposal came a minor and five new and revised courses that go along with the major.