Students de-stress with slime before finals


Mercury Bowen

Kyara Morales, a freshman English major, and Luis Paniagua, a freshman art major, make stress balls out of balloons and sand at the event Thursday evening. “I’ve never made any of this before,” Morales said. “I wanted to try it out,”

Mercury Bowen, Entertainment Reporter

With final exams fast approaching, students took breaks from studying to participate in craft-making, food and a showing of the movie ‘Elf.’

“It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Finals,” hosted by the University Board Special Events, University Board Human Potential and Student Government gave students the option to make slime, ornaments, their own zen gardens and stress balls among other things.

Diana Rogel, a junior psychology major, said she thought the event was really fun.

“It’s right before finals,” Rogel said. “I think it’s nice to just have some sort of distraction away from everything from like classes.”

Luis Paniagua, a freshman art major, said he really liked the event.

“They went all out,” Paniagua said.

What Paniagua said made him attend was the option to create a stress ball.

“I wanted to make [a stress ball],” Paniagua said. “Then it turns out they had more and I was like ‘Oh okay cool.'”

Kyara Morales, a freshman English major, said she felt the event helped relieve some of the stress of final exams.

“I’m definitely going to be using this (stress ball) while working on all those essays and papers,” Morales said.

Katie Conlin, chair of Student Government Academic Affairs, said she thought the event was very successful.

“I really think we had a good turnout,” Conlin said. “Everyone seems less stressed. I know a lot of us are stressed going into finals, and I think it also helps with us putting it on that we have other people come and show up because then it makes us less stressed about putting on the event.”

Rachel Lanham, a senator for Student Government Academic Affairs, agreed that the event was a success.

“I think it’s gone really well,” Lanham said. “It seems like everybody’s having a lot of fun.”

Lanham was stationed at the slime-making area, and she said she saw some interesting slimes made.

“We had a couple people add like way too much baking soda,” Lanham said. “Theirs was so hard it was not fixable.”

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