Take time for yourself during the holidays

Mercury Bowen, Entertainment Reporter

It is easy to get swept up in all the hustle and bustle of the season.

What with the holidays, finals, family gatherings and all kinds of other hullabaloo taking up time, one can forget that it is also important to take a moment for themselves.

When one gets so caught up in others and the things they have to do, they can quickly find their nerves fraying.

This is when it is most important to take a step back from the pull of obligation and breathe for a moment.

One cannot enjoy their time during the holidays if they are too preoccupied with all they have to do or the like.

Self care is vital if one is to make it through the season.

Some great ways to take time for oneself could be a warm bath, going to see a movie, reading a book, enjoying a cup of something warm to drink, or many other things.

Another great way to take time for oneself, without feeling like that time is wasted, would be to take up a crafting hobby.

Homemade gifts are often seen as more thoughtful and are more greatly appreciated than those purchased in stores.

Yarn crafts such as knit and crocheted goods can make for very cosy gifts.

These could include any number of things depending upon the time and effort one wishes to put in as well as the skill level of the person creating them.

Some examples could include potholders, dishcloths, scarves, or, for the more dedicated, sweaters, throws or blankets.

Bead crafts can also make excellent gifts.

These shiny or sparkling crafts can make many different sorts of trinkets.

One can make handmade ornaments to hang on a Christmas tree or jewelry to give as gifts as well.

Another excellent thing about taking time to care for oneself during the holidays is that it can not only recharge oneself, but it can spark ideas for gifts as well.

Taking time to enjoy a hot cup of whichever drink one prefers could give one the idea to gift a mug.

Enjoying a warm bath could spark the thought to give someone bubble bath set for the holidays.

Even going to see a movie might be a good way for one to find a gift for a movie lover in their life.

Inspiration for gift giving can come from anywhere, but the most important thing to remember during the holiday season is that everyone makes it through safe and healthy.

It is all too easy to forget that includes oneself.

The holidays are not only about gift-giving, time with family and friends, or other societally-decided ways to spend them.

They are about doing whatever it is that one enjoys most and creating a feeling of joy and contentment with whomever they feel best fills that role.

Mercury Bowen is a senior journalism major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected].