Students perform ‘9 to 5: The Musical’ at the Doudna

Mercury Bowen, Entertainment Reporter

Cheers, applause and laughter echoed throughout the room as students performed “9 to 5: The Musical” in The Theatre at the Doudna Fine Arts Center Thursday night.

The performance included several musical numbers, one in which the character Frank Hart, portrayed by Max Zumpano, was lifted into the air via a harness.

Ellen Lee, a junior theatre arts major who portrayed office worker Maria, said she thought the musical went really well.

“Before this opening we had two performances for high school,” Lee said. “I think this was the best performance we’ve done so far. I loved it.”

Joseph Reiter, a sophomore 2D studio art major, said the actors did a phenomenal job.

“It’s something I would go see every single night if I could pay for it,” Reiter said. “It’s something I’d definitely go see again.”

Reiter said his favorite parts of the musical were the solo parts.

“I loved a lot of the solo parts from the three main characters,” Reiter said. “Definitely towards the end when you saw them fly their boss and hang him up in the garage. It’s hard to pinpoint just one time.”

Daija Kelley, a freshman pre-nursing major, said she was surprised at the cast members’ ages.

“Looking at the cast and the crew, it’s kind of amazing to see how young they are and how good of an actor they are,” Kelley said.

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