Students can make ugly art, drink wine, talk at Tarble event

Dee Luter, Contributing Writer

Ugly Art Paint ‘n Sip, a day of open conversation and pasta sauce, will be held in the Tarble Arts Center Thursday from 6 to 7 p.m.

Tim Abel, museum and education manager, started working at Eastern in July of 2018.

“I wanted to work at Eastern Illinois University because they really respect what the staff is doing here with art.” Abel said.

Ugly Art Paint ‘n Sip is inspired by the Tarble’s theme, in the eye of the beholder.

“All paint doesn’t have to be perfect, in the eye of the beholder,” Abel said.

Attendees will use spaghetti pasta and marinara sauce on canvas to create the art piece Medusa Marinara, an idea inspired by Vik Muniz, an internationally known artist.

Abel said the use of Medusa was no coincidence. 

“Medusa was a beautiful woman then became ugly and could turn people into stone,” he said.

This event is a twist on the legendary paint ‘n sip concept.

“It’s a rip off paint ‘n sip. Taking an idea and building on it, making people feel that all art is not perfect,” Abel said.

This event is programmed to open conversation about all topics, including controversial ones.

“Topics are not always meant to be beautiful, and art is meant to make us purposefully talk, and talking about heavy conversation and creating something great can make art to be a little light-hearted,” Abel said.

The age requirement is 21 and older, because wine will be served during the event.

Although, the artwork is being made of pasta and sauce, a digital picture will be taken for memory’s sake.

Abel said people can expect genuine communication and messy artwork.

“Expect great conversation and a way to talk about art in an honest and fun way,” Abel said.

According to Eastern’s website, the night is about looking at beauty in a different way. 

“This night is all about challenging beauty and accepting comfort in all narratives,” the website said. 

Abel said, do not dress too fancy for the evening.

“Aprons and gloves will be provided. Please wear something that you are OK in getting messing in,” said Abel.

Ugly Art Paint ‘N Sip is a night to relax and enjoy conversation about art. This is the first year of Ugly Art Paint ‘N Sip, and participants will be asked to take a survey at the end of the event.

Abel encourages people to show their support on Thursday.

“The more people the better the outcome, and it will be more fun. This is all about conversation and discovering new ideas,” Abel said.

More information about the first annual Ugly Paint’ N Sip night can be found at

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