County Market is the place to get stuff done

Jessica Stewart, Columnist

Studying in college is very important, so it’s important to find a nice space for you to study. Some people are able to study in their bedrooms just fine, but for others, they need to get out of their room and be in a different space.

Some people like studying at the library because there are a lot of resources available, but if you’re like me, the bright lights make it difficult to focus for some reason. This is why I prefer to study at County Market.

Some people may read this and think, “What? You can study at County Market? Where the heck do you study at County Market?” Well my friends, let me enlighten you. There is a very nice area on the second floor of the store with lots of tables and windows to create a nice studying mood.

The lights are slightly dimmed, which makes it easier on my eyes. There is a study room there with a large table that is nice for group projects, and they even have free Wi-Fi.

County Market is also nice because it is right next to Starbucks, so you can take a break and go for a walk to get some coffee. You can also buy snacks and drinks on the first floor of the store and take them up to the study area with you.

They have a microwave up there that you can use to heat up certain foods, but I wouldn’t recommend it because it once took me half an hour to heat up microwavable mac and cheese.

I also generally like County Market better than the library because it offers a different vibe. It’s really laid back, and you don’t have to whisper. It’s still good to be respectful of other people trying to study, but if you go with a group of friends, you can talk in normal voices and it’s fine.

They’re also open 24 hours and the library isn’t, so you can go whenever and not have to worry about having to leave until you’re done with your work.

I like going somewhere to study because it motivates me to actually do my work. I made the effort to get up and actually go somewhere, so I might as well work while I’m there. Plus if I need to clear my head, there are a lot of things available to help with that.

Everyone has their own way of studying that works best for them. Some people can study anywhere, but some need to find their perfect space.

If you haven’t found your perfect studying space yet, try going to County Market. It never fails to give me the perfect atmosphere to do whatever work I have to do.

Jessica Stewart is a sophomore English education major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected].