Guitarist Pavlo to perform at Doudna

Mercury Bowen, Entertainment Reporter

Internationally renowned guitarist Pavlo will perform at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday in the Dvorak Concert Hall at the Doudna Fine Arts Center.

An award-winning performer and songwriter, Pavlo has worked and toured alongside talents such as José Feliciano, Jon Secada, Olivia Newton-John and The Tenors.

Pavlo’s music, which he has dubbed simply “Mediterranean music,” is a musical blend of Greek, flamenco, Latin and even Balkan music, with a hint of pop thrown in for good measure.

Dan Crews, the director of programing for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, said he loves Pavlo’s style of music.

“It’s not singing,” Crews said. “It’s just extraordinary guitar playing.”

Crews also commented on Pavlo’s numerous notable accomplishments, including performances for royals such as Prince Charles.

“When President Obama was in office (Pavlo) performed for him,” Crews said. “He’s had a couple of really well-received albums with big-time guitar players.”

The albums to which Crews was referring were Trifecta, a collaboration with Rik Emmett and Oscar Lopez released in 2009, and Guitarradas, released in 2015 as a collaboration with Remigio Pereira.

In total, Pavlo has released 14 albums, including two collaborations and three DVDs.

Pavlo’s most recent PBS special, called Pavlo – Live in Kastoria, aired several times on WEIU and PBS stations across America.

Crews said that was what initiated bringing Pavlo to Doudna.

Pavlo was also planning a tour of live shows across the country to promote his music, and Crews said this led to Pavlo adding the performance at Doudna to his tour.

“We are just thrilled that we can bring him to campus,” Crews said. “I think (Pavlo’s) show has aired three or four times on WEIU, so people are really becoming aware of him. That’s kind of cool.”

Pavlo said he went to WEIU for an interview for his PBS special, and when he was on campus he went to Doudna.

“I was completely blown away,” Pavlo said. “(Doudna) is a gem that no one knows about. It’s just gorgeous, so I can’t wait to play. I’m very excited.”

To prepare for the show, Pavlo said he has a double shot of espresso and hits the stage. “I’ve been doing this for a long time,” Pavlo said. “This is my twentieth year of touring, and I average about 150 to 200 cities a year, so doing concerts is really what I do for a living. I’ve got 14 albums, and every year I tour about 10 different countries. I feel so lucky and so fortunate and so blessed that I can do this for a living.”

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