Booth dean outlines plans for new semester

Jelan Buchanan, Staff Reporter

Zach Newell, the new dean of Booth Library, said he wants to improve the library by engaging the students in more meaningful ways. Newell said the goals for the library are to figure out what is working well for it and what could use some improvement to make the library stand out and be even better.

Beth Heldebrandt, the public relations director of the library, said specific goals include supporting the campus through library services. “(We are giving the students) the resources they need to be successful, such as books, articles, DVDs, anything we have in the building to help them,” Heldebrandt said. “Not just the stuff, but also the people we have at the library to help you look up your research for papers or anything else you need help with.”

Newell said he wants to accomplish helping students succeed by helping them realize new opportunities and new potential in the library field that translates to their success in the future. In addition to being excited to help students, Newell said he is eager to work with the library faculty and staff.

“I’m excited about working with the faculty and the staff of the library because of the energy they bring to work every day,” he said. Newell said he is most excited about engaging in more meaningful ways and moving the library forward by working with everyone that comes to the library. Newell said he would love to hear back from students to figure out what he could do to better help the students succeed while they’re here.

Heldebrandt said she thinks Dean Newell brings good energy, good ideas, and will stay on top of meetings to figure out what needs to be improved. She said that overall she thinks Newell is going to do a great job.

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