To all that was swept under the rug

Abigail Carlin, Columnist

Benjamin Franklin once said, “you may delay, but time will not, and lost time is never found again.” 

Benjamin Franklin had a lot to say about how people should use their time, and I suppose that’s fair. Benjamin Franklin accomplished a lot; however, his accomplishments may be exaggerated by the fact that he was a white man who owned property and had access to a modest education, at least, in a time where a large portion of the population was illiterate and/or not considered worth educating. 

In short, people can chill on the Benjamin Franklin quotes. 

I have the most unfortunate burden of a Facebook feed littered with quotes such as these, curtosey of a handful technologically-savvy, distantly-realted baby boomers, and they all have some opinion on how I should spend my time. Before college, it was always, “focus on your studies,” and I listened (kind of).

When I entered my junior year, the conversation began to change. It was no longer, “how are your studies?” or “what are your plans after graduation?” Instead, the first question anyone asked was “so are you seeing anyone?” That question, in particular, makes me so uncomfortable for a number of reasons. 

First, there is a fundamental difference in their definition of “seeing someone” and my definition. Also, I do not do much of either for a number of reasons, one being that I have been battling mice in my house for almost a year. 

I hate mice. 

In my college career, I have taken a couple leadership roles, worked an internship, and watched a lot of ghost hunting shows. In fact, I won a grant to watch these shows and write about it. I have also killed my fair share of mice. 

Lately, my professional development and news relating to such is overshadowed by friends and family growing up in the more “romantic” sense. People are getting engaged, others are getting married, so many are having babies, and I know of a few couples who are going through a divorce. 

I am killing mice and watching Ghost Adventures. 

I am often told that if I were not so stressed or competitive, that I would find that life would open more doors, but if living with mice has taught me anything, a locked door cannot keep everything away. 

Opportunity lies somewhere between the lottery and the will to fight for what one wants. In my case, relationships and romance where swept under the rug, but every day has presented itself with beautiful opportunities and ugly realities. For example, today I found out that I am going to be able to go to China for a study abroad trip. This afternoon, I became the President of Sigma Tau Delta, and if those two things are not enough…I have thrown two dead mice in the trash, as well. 

Do not let the accomplishments of others cloud your own successes. Allow yourself the time to celebrate your own growth in your own time, because the only time that is wasted is the time spent doing something someone else thinks you should (its also a tongue twister, another huge waste of time).

Abigail Carlin is a senior English language arts major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].