Confidence is the best accessory

Brooke Schwartz, News Editor

I am sure this concept is new to no one, and it might seem a bit cliché, but if college has taught me anything, it is this: Confidence is the best accessory, and the only one that really matters.

No one, especially on a college campus, really cares about what you wear.

We all just wander around in a sleepy haze focusing on not spilling our third cup of coffee and hoping we are not late to class.

No one has the time, or the energy, to judge what you are wearing, so why do you judge yourself?

The only time people will notice what you are wearing is if it is painfully obvious to an outside observer that you are uncomfortable in what you are wearing.

It does not matter what brand you have on or if everything matches exactly; what matters is how you feel and how that feeling translates to those around you.

Being kind to others starts with being kind to yourself; say the things you want to say to others to yourself and own the skin you are in.

If your head is held high and you walk around purposely filling the space you’re in, as opposed to trying to shrink yourself out of existence, then nobody will look past that to negatively talk about your outfits.

College is the time to grow as a person, which includes trying to put as much focus into growing your heart and mind as you put into your outside appearance.

Whatever clothes you decide to don your body in, they will not be the most important thing people see when they first meet you.

They will see your humor, your kindness, your ability to love; all of which are so much more important than what shirt/shoe combination you decide to wear that day.

Wearing whatever you wear confidently invites people to ignore the superficial things we are told to care about and get directly to the stuff that really matters.

Confidence is the most important thing to possess in this life, and it can be best learned in college.

College is such a rare time in our lives; never again will we be completely surrounded by such like-minded people going through such similar experiences.

Everyone on campus is just trying to survive 8 a.m. classes and 12 page essays; what better place to try new things, new outfits and new hobbies and become a more rounded person?

Wear that crop top, those short shorts, that dress you bought but never had the guts to wear. Just own every part of yourself absolutely and completely everyday.

Be yourself, confidently and happily, wherever you go, and thoroughly own this unique time in your life. 

I am rooting for you and I am silently cheering every jumpsuit and dress and T-shirt I see. Root for each other and own it.

Thrive and grow and support each other, always.

Brooke Schwartz can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].