Booth Library offering tours Monday through Thursday


Corryn Brock | The Daily Eastern News

Students listen to a presentation during the Booth Library tour Monday in Booth Library.

Corryn Brock, Staff Reporter

Students can see what resources are available in Booth Library from guided tours that are being offered until Sept. 13.

Students, faculty and staff can begin tours by stopping by the Reference Services/ Research Help desk located on the north end of the building. The scheduled tour times are 10 a.m. and 1 p.m., Monday through Thursday.

If the tour times offered do not fit into a person’s schedule they can also call the Reference Services/ Research Help desk and set up a tour time that works for them.

Those who choose to take the tours will be given information on the library itself as well as the resources inside.

Beth Heldebrandt, Booth Library public relations director, believes it is important for students to come to a scheduled tour time or set their own up for a different time.

“It’s a really large building. It can be kind of overwhelming if you haven’t been in (the library) before,” says Heldebrandt. “It’s huge. We have a million books on the shelves, and it’s hard to know where you are.”

Students of all ages are invited to attend tours. Heldebrandt encouraged upperclassmen who are not familiar with the library to come in and tour before they need to use the facilities for research.

“You know you’re going to have to (be in the library) if you have research papers and things like that coming up,” said Heldebrandt.

The area where students can check in for a tour, the Reference Services/ Research Help desk, is available for students to find useful sources and what all Booth has to offer on topics they are researching.

Students with an education major may benefit from the Ballinger Teacher Center. According to Andrew Cougill, reference librarian, facilities like the BTC are an uncommon source for academic libraries. The facility offers a collection of books for younger readers and curriculum materials and guides. The BTC is located on the 3000 level of the library.

The library offers white boards for study groups and tables outside of the study rooms so that, according to Cougill, groups wouldn’t have to use a study room to meet. Students can use the white boards located outside of the study rooms as available.

Cougill calls the books the heart of the library. However, the library isn’t just open for studying and research; it is also open to students who need a quiet place to relax. Heldebrandt’s favorite area in Booth is the atrium. The atrium is located in between the original library and the addition.

“It’s kind of a read and relax area,” said Heldebrandt. “It’s quiet and you can curl up with a book.”

Cougill suggests using the library as a place to hang out and relax.

“If you’re in (your) dorm and things are just a little bit too hectic … grab your laptop, come over to the library and … kind of relax,” Cougill said.

An area Heldebrandt has noticed is popular with students is the fourth floor. She believes it is because of the computer labs and study rooms. Students who don’t have access to a computer are welcome to use the computers at Booth to research and print.

Heldebrandt hopes students sign up for tours. She said, “I hope they take advantage of (the tours) … it only takes fifteen to twenty minutes.”

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