Students audition for ‘9 to 5, ‘The Moors’


Jordan Boyer

Students fill out audition forms for the upcoming productions of “The Moors” and “9 to 5: The Musical” Tuesday afternoon in the Doudna Fine Arts Center.

Karena Ozier, Staff Reporter

Auditions: a time that most actresses and actors dread, the time when one must showcase their skills to win over the directors in hope of landing a part.

The start of the new school year means new performances to be watched and cast. The nerve-racking process of auditions started at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

Students from all levels of theater experience took their chances in hopes of being cast in the upcoming play or musical.

Students were scattered around Doudna to prepare for auditions for the musical, “9 to 5,” and the play, “The Moors.”

Of the group of students gathered in Doudna, each of them were trying in their own way to prepare for auditions.

Lucy Hill, an Eastern sophomore and music major with a concentration in performance, was one of those students.

“I try to make sure I know my monologue front to back and prepare for the worst,” Hill said.

Hill has been participating in Eastern’s theater program for two years and was involved in “Next to Normal” last year.

She said she was looking for the next chance to be a part of theater.

Many of the students said they knew about auditions through the theater program and from other various sources.

Among these students was an Eastern freshman and management major, Jamal Johnson.

“I actually talked to (J Kevin Doolen, the Department of Theater Arts chair) when I came here in May and he gave me a rundown of all of the plays that they were doing this year,” Johnson said.

Unlike Johnson, other students said their knowledge of auditions came from their theater professors or from already being a part of the program in years past.

After being informed of when auditions are and what plays or musicals are being auditioned for, students said they generally developed a goal of what part they would like to play.

Aside from this, some students such as Ellen Lee, an Eastern transfer student and theatre arts major, was not set on a certain part.

“I’m open to whatever I get,” said Lee.

Ethan Homeyer, another one of Eastern’s freshman and psychology major who was auditioning, said he wanted to be the dog in “The Moors,” saying that this part was the only male role.

Homeyer also had some advice for the others who were auditioning.

“Just have fun. Even if you screw up, they can just see that you put in the effort and that you are having fun,” said Homeyer.

Erin Zurek, an Eastern communication disorders and sciences major, also shared some advice for those auditioning for the musical.

“It’s easy to say, but don’t stress. Your vocal cords don’t work as well when you are stressed. Take deep breaths to compose yourself,” said Zurek.

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