Mattoon Arts Council accepting entry forms for 2018 Photography Show

Staff Report

The Mattoon Arts Council is accepting entry forms for their 2018 Photography Show, entry forms can be found on their website and are due by July 27.

According to the entry rules, entries are open for all photographers and they will be split in to three divisions.

  • Professional: Receives compensation through either sales or services as a photographer.
  • Amateur: Adults who do not meet the professional category requirements.
  • Student: Students in grades 6-12 only. Students may not enter in professional or amateur

The price for entry is $10 per photograph for professionals and amateurs, and $5 per photograph for student entries.

Photographers may enter up to two photographs for each category.

  • Category 1: Any subject; color print.
  • Category 2: Any subject; black and white print.
  • Category 3: Any photograph following the theme of “Land of Lincoln: A Bicentennial Celebration”; color or black and white print.

Also according to the entry rules, photographs must be printed at 8×10 or larger and properly framed and wired.

The entry form will provide labels to attach to the back of the photographs, any photo not properly labeled will not be entered into the show.

There will be prizes awarded in each category.

Entry forms and fees are due by July 27, but the properly framed and wired photographs must be turned into the Mattoon Arts Council Office on either August 2 between 9 a.m. and noon, or on August 3 between 4-7 p.m.

The entry form can be viewed here.

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