LIFE to host financial literacy series

Cassie Buchman, Editor-in-Chief


Practical money skills for students, including ones for college and beyond, will be discussed at “Financial Fundamentals,” a financial literacy series put on by the Literacy in Financial Education Center.

Amanda Falk, graduate assistant in the LIFE center, said every spring the center does a conference for students, but decided to market the event as a financial literacy series this year to make it geared to something students would want to come to.

Set for Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, each day will feature a different financial topic.

Monday’s session at 4 p.m., called “Money is Power: Budgeting Basics to Live Like a Millionaire,” will focus on teaching students how to shop around for deals.

Falk, who has a background in nutrition, said she wants to show students how to grocery shop on a budget.

“I personally think that finances and nutrition really do go hand in hand,” Falk said. “Grocery shopping is something everybody has to do. I’m a big proponent of (the fact that) healthy doesn’t need to be expensive.”

On Tuesday, there will be a session called “Make the Rest of Your Life, the Best of Your Life: Retirement Planning 101.”

“I thought it was really important, because I don’t think students think about planning for the future as much,” Falk said. “Saving early as possible — even $10 a paycheck — it does add up.”

A presentation called “You’re Never A Loan: What You Need to Know about Financial Aid” is set for 5 p.m. Thursday.

This will include information on everything to know about what to do during and after college, such as what students need to do to pay back their loans.

All sessions will take place in 1418 Klehm Hall.

“I think students don’t realize the choices they make now can impact them in the future,” Falk said. “Students our age think they’re invincible, they don’t have consequences for their action.”

Falk said these sessions will educate students, providing them with the resources to make smart money management choices now, especially when it comes to their credit scores or bills.

“Whether you live in a house, apartment or phone bill, those things are in your name, you’re responsible for the payments,” she said.

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