Lawson Hall residents strengthen friendship through intramurals

Rachel Stanevich, Contributing Writer

Through intramural sports, the residents of Lawson Hall’s seventh floor have been able to form a connection and become closer.

After living on the same floor, the men got to know one another and became friends. To further their friendship, the residents decided to create an intramural basketball team.

“I joined an intramural team with my floor because I became close with the guys and wanted to play sporting activities without having to commit a lot of my time,” said Ben Tyrell, a junior computer science and math major.

Tyrell has been on the intramural basketball team for three years.

He said throughout the years, the residents of the seventh floor have come together to be active, have fun and bond with members of their community.

Tyrell said he participated in basketball, football, cross country and track in high school and wanted to continue being active in college.

Koy Wilson, a sophomore communication studies major and member of the intramural basketball team, played football, basketball and did wrestling in high school. In college, Wilson decided he wanted to stay active while still getting to play sports.

“I feel like when you’re on a sports team, you have to have some sort of chemistry with the members, since you have to work together,” Wilson said.

Another member of the team is Joe Witek, a sophomore kinesiology and sports studies major.

Witek became friends with the residents on his floor and joined the team.

Being a competitive person in nature, Witek wanted a fun way to stay active and bond with members of his community.

Wilson said when students join a sports team, they are essentially joining a family of sorts.

Wilson enjoys being on an intramural team because the members are part of his community and they work well together.

In having a bond, the members of the seventh floor will see each other as family not only on the team, but also in their residence hall, Wilson said.

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