“Proud Family — Black by Popular Demand” trivia night celebrates African-American culture


Olivia Swenson-Hultz

Students answer questions about African-American culture, music, history and film based trivia questions at “Proud Family: Black By Popular Demand” inside of Phippss Lecture Hall in the Physical Science building on Wednesday evening.

Olivia Swenson-Hultz, Associate News Editor

Delta Sigma Theta composed an assortment of questions that celebrated hundreds of years of African-American History during “Proud Family: Black By Popular Demand.”

The game was part of African-American Heritage Month’s list of events and consisted of four different teams.

One person from each team rotated up to the front of the room as a representative to answer each question.

Questions were split up into four different categories: history, culture, music and film. Thirty seconds were allocated to answer each question.

Astoria Griggs-Burns, a senior health administration major and the president of Delta Sigma Theta, said the event’s name is based off the animated sitcom “The Proud Family,” which was featured on The Disney Channel and “Black Card Revoked,” which is a game show.

She said many of the cultural questions featured were supposed to be questions that every African-American should know the answer to.

“We wanted it to feel like we’re one big family celebrating our culture,” she said.

Griggs said members of Delta Sigma Theta selected questions that would help audience members learn about African-American history and culture but the goal was to create a fun event so people did not feel like they were sitting inside of a classroom.

“It’s not anti any other culture–it’s just about embracing ourselves,” she said. “We hope that everybody will continue to support African-American heritage events and commemorate Black history.”

Historical questions included “Who started the “Back to Africa Movement” and was later deported back to his homeland in Jamaica?” The answer was Marcus Garvey.

Music questions included “Who taught you how you to independent?” which is “Webbie” who wrote the song “Independent.”

The featured film questions included “Where was the first Black Disney princess from” which is “New Orleans.” The character from the 2009 film, Tiana is featured in the movie “The Princess and the Frog.”

“Sometimes African American culture can be overlooked and pushed to the side” said Carl Winton, a senior health studies major. “We will still continue to bring black excellence to the world.”

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