Micro Wrestling coming to Panther Paw Wednesday

JJ Bullock, Assistant Sports Editor

Although many fans expect to see a “novelty circus act” when the Micro Wrestling Federation puts on a show, the Federation’s owner Jack Darrell said what audiences are given instead is a WWE-style event filled with top-rope stunts and athleticism.

An exciting action- and drama-packed show is exactly what the Federation hopes to bring to the Panther Paw Wednesday night, when they will perform from 9 to 11 p.m.

Darrell said most people have never seen a show like the one his company puts on, and that the performers are “legit athletes” who take to the ring and put on a show that features more top-rope stunts than many WWE events.

“(The fans) hear and think one thing, and they leave and think something totally different,” Darrell said. “The whole (stigma) with the word ‘midget’ is negative, and we’re trying to change that.”

The show will feature six wrestlers all under five feet of height. While it is typically more family-oriented, Darrell said the show at the Panther Paw will be more “adult” and feature more cussing than a usual show.

The show will revolve around a storyline with one performer serving as a “heel” or bad guy, and another character called a “baby face” acting as the good guy, Darrell said.

The type of show the Micro Wrestling Federation puts on is something the Panther Paw’s general manager Tate Jackson said the bar was looking to have at their establishment.

Jackson said he had never really heard of an event like theirs, and thought it would be something no other bar in the area has ever booked before.

Many of the people he has spoken with about the event have sounded excited about it, Jackson said.

The Paw hopes to have an audience of about 300 people for the show.

It came to fruition after Jackson and his father Mark, who owns the Paw, met Darrell at a bar and nightclub trade show in Las Vegas.

Jackson and Darrell kept in touch after Jackson showed interest in booking the Micro Wrestling Federation.

General admission tickets will be available at the door for $25.

Those who want to attend must be 21 years or older.

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