Seniors reflect on time at Eastern

Andrew Paisley, Campus Reporter

As they have begun their last semester, seniors are reflecting on the time they have spent at Eastern.

April Pickett, a senior music major, said her professors and friends have made the biggest impact on her as a student.

“My professors have always been really good mentors to me and they are always willing to help me no matter what,” Pickett said. “My friends have also been so good to have and have helped me to stay on track.”

Pickett plans on taking a year off after graduation to find a job, and then eventually go to graduate school.

Danielle Ehrlich, a senior kinesiology and sports studies major, said she has really enjoyed her classes.

“The classes here are very hands-on and I have always been able to get help when needed,” Ehrlich said. “Everyone at Eastern made my arrival very welcoming and I felt comfortable.”

Ehrlich is looking forward to an internship this summer.

“After a couple years of working, I would like to eventually go to graduate school,” Ehrlich said. “After I graduate, I want to spend just a couple years diving into my career.”

Jay Abell, a senior political science major, said he thinks he will remain friends with the people he met at college for the rest of his life.

“Like all friends, the friends I have made here have had ups and downs with me, but I know at the end of the day they will always have my back, even into the future, and we made some incredible memories,” Abell said.

Though college has been hard work for Abell, he said he has enjoyed it.

“Having sleepless nights and working until the early hours of the morning is definitely worth it to get my degree,” Abell said.

Abell plans to relocate to Detroit, Mich. after graduation.

“I want to become a police officer,” Abell said. “There is a pretty good chance that when I move to Detroit I will end up getting hired on at the Detroit Police Department.”

Not all students plan to leave Eastern right away after completing their undergraduate education.

Macy Brown, a senior athletic training major, plans on attending graduate school at Eastern and getting her master’s degree in sports administration.

“When I first got to school here, I was worried about meeting new people and getting around campus when classes started,” Brown said. “After my first week at Eastern, it truly felt like a second home to me.”

Brown said the class sizes are the perfect fit for her.

“Even when I was in a forum-style classroom, labs were split into small sections so you could really get more quality time with a professor,” Brown said.

Brown said one of her favorite things about the campus was spending time between Lantz Arena and Booth Library and how beautiful it looked in the fall.

Joe Williams, a senior marketing major, said the people he has met at Eastern have changed and and influenced him for the better.

“Everyone comes from a different background, but at the end of the day, no one judges you and they are always there to support you,” Williams said. “I like that Eastern is a small and familiar school and I have made so many great friends here that are not just friends but more like family to me.”

Williams plans to move to Chicago after graduation to pursue a job opportunity.

“This job opportunity will definitely be good for me as I am minoring in entrepreneurship and I hope to eventually start my own business one day,” Williams said.

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