Sean says: Watch out for perfect passes

Sean Hastings, Sports Editor

One of the most iconic Hail Mary’s of all time was Doug Flutie’s game-winning touchdown pass to help Boston College upset Miami in the ‘80s.

More recently, there is Aaron Rogers’ game-wining 61-yard pass to beat the Lions in 2015 and Russell Wilson’s game-winning heave to beat the Packers, which caused some controversy on the touchdown call, but they won anyways.

And Tom Brady can sling it around better than anyone.

You can probably think of a dozen other big-time throws from NFL games or college games.

But the greatest throw of all time came far away from a football field. Heck, it did not even from the sport of football.

It came at a Dave Matthews Band Concert at Alpine Valley.

And to this day it is still the craziest thing I have ever seen.

The summer of 2015 was when I saw a bottle of Captain Morgan fly 30 feet in the air from one guy to another.

The security check at Alpine Valley is about 100 yards in front of where you get your tickets scanned, so there is a decent walk between the two.

It is one thing to sneak a flask into a concert; it is small and relatively easy to hide. But if you want to go all out and bring a fresh bottle of Captain Morgan into the show, you are going to need some planning.

This plan could not have been orchestrated any better. The receiver was at least 15 people ahead of his quarterback when they were going through security.

Mr. Captain Morgan bottle slinger starts calling out the signals. Not really, but seeing this unfold, I’m imaging Rogers’ game-winning throw to beat the Lions.

Blue 42, Blue 42.


The wide receiver gets cleared through security and with a beautiful fluid motion, the quarterback pulls the bottle out of his backpack as if he was pulling out a bow and arrow. Picture that.

He launched the bottle of Captain Morgan over the heads of 15 people to his friend, who caught it and took off into the sea of people moving along to go into the show.

I wish I could say he threw it like a football with a tight spiral through the air, but I cannot. This thing went end-over-end, which also may have made the situation funnier.

And the awkwardness of throwing a liquid-filled glass bottle, for one, is without a doubt hard to catch, especially from the distance these two perfected this from, as well as the throw, was literally a Hail Mary.

This was not only the greatest pass of all time, but it was the best alcohol smuggle of all time. You literally cannot beat that.

He caught him in stride and placed it perfectly into his partner’s hands. Now I do not know what happened to the world’s greatest duo after that or if they ever got busted, but every part of me wishes they did not.

It takes guts to get the glory and once they got in the show, the level of feeling like they were on top of the world when they are passing around a full bottle of Captain Morgan had to be sky-high.

So if you ever want to sneak that full bottle in and have some fun with it, here you go. Godspeed to ya.

Sean Hastings is a senior journalism major. He can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].