BOT to hear about making health administration into a major, dual credit tuition

Staff Report

The Board of Trustees will hear about making the health administration option a major and dual credit tuition at its meeting Friday.

According to the board report, health administration “remains in high demand” as a major, and establishing it as a stand-alone program as opposed to an option would increase its visibility.

“Students enrolled in our current health administration option have fundamentally different academic interests and career goals as compared to the students enrolled in the other options within the B.S. in Health Promotion,” the report states. “Separating health administration into a separate degree program allows those students to clearly indicate their professional goals, and have a transcript which more accurately reflects their professional training.”

The option currently averages over 60 students enrolled, though the report said students still have difficulty finding the program, as it is not listed as a major.

“The proposed stand-alone major is cost neutral, enhances curricular efficiency by leveraging existing general education courses (up to 7 semester hours), and will lead to enhanced enrollments vis-à-vis program visibility,” according to the report.

Also at the meeting, the board will vote on authorizing the university administration to set tuition for dual credit students for AY 17-18.

The university is currently partnering with high schools to provide college coursework to students.

“Due to the variety of courses provided and school districts served, flexibility regarding the setting of tuition is needed to develop site-specific programs in a timely manner,” the board report states.

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