Leaders needed for new student programs

AJ Fournier, Campus Reporter


New Student and Family Programs is looking to recruit students for different leadership opportunities coming up in the spring, summer and fall semesters.

“Every year, we recruit Senior Prowl leaders and Debut leaders, and these are great leadership opportunities for students to get involved and have a paid on-campus job,” said Beth Gillespie, interim director of Civic Engagement and Volunteerism.

Debut leaders help with transfer and incoming freshman orientation.

Gillespie said the Debut leader positions for fall 2018 will begin training in February.

“We have transfer orientation that starts monthly in March, and they will help with all the summer orientations for incoming freshman, so it is a summer and spring commitment, with orientation happening four days a week in summer,” Gillespie said.

Gillespie said the Senior Prowl leaders’ main commitment is focusing on move-in weekend.

“Some perks they get is to be able to move in early in August,” Gillespie said. “There will be some intensive training, and they will help with all orientation programs.”

Gillespie said the Senior Prowl leader position is not as big of a time commitment position as a Debut leader.

“If they wanted to have a job at home or study abroad but still be involved in welcoming our new students to campus, it is a great way to get involved and make a difference,” Gillespie said.

She said leaders would have different responsibilities throughout the year, but orientation would be the prime focus for both.

“They really will be the face of EIU to the incoming class,” Gillespie said.

During training, staff members will go over the history of New Student and Family Programs.

“It is a lot of research-based information about why orientation is important and how it can make new students successful once they come to campus,” Gillespie said.

Graduate assistant Beth Dunahee said in addition to focusing on orientation events, leaders also partner with departments around campus throughout the year.

“We assist Admissions with Open House tours and Homecoming, Civic Engagement, Family Weekend, Greek life, the Doudna Fine Arts Center and whatever the university needs,” Dunahee said.

Gillespie said some different skills students can learn for becoming a leader are problem solving and keeping a positive attitude during challenging situations.

Dunahee said students could learn how to be flexible.

“You also learn how to be a team player, with working with the new students and working with the faculty and staff and just all different aspects of orientation,” Dunahee said.

Gillespie said the deadline to apply for these positions was originally Friday, but it has been moved back to Dec. 1.

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