Students battle at Survival Bingo

Travis Moody, Staff Reporter

Tensions were high as students competed against each other during Survival Bingo Thursday night in the great room in Pemberton Hall.

While students played bingo, members of the Academic Initiative and Retention committee read ways to improve study habits between every few numbers.

Lee May, a member of the AIR committee, said Survival Bingo was a great way for the committee to address the issues they focus on most.

“The main benefit is that bingo’s a good, light hearted, fun thing to do to take your mind off the woes and worries of school,” May said. “We also got to promote positive study habits in a passive way.”

Some of the study tips advised students to visit professors during office hours, take a five-minute break every 30 minutes and listen to the proper music while studying.

“Everyone listens to music when they study, but not everyone is making sure they’re listening to appropriate music to increase cognitive development,” May said.

Music should be instrumental, a low volume and have a tempo near 60 bpm.

Another study tip suggested students to study in a group, saying “teamwork makes the dream work.”

Christyna De Lude, a sophomore psychology major, said she was excited to win the holiday beverage prize basket, which included mugs, hot chocolate and marshmallows.

“I usually never win anything, so this was really nice,” De Lude said.

De Lude said nights like this are not only fun, but provide a positive outlook and way for students to get out of their dorms.

Avery Norris, a sophomore Spanish major, said she thought Survival Bingo would be a fun activity to do on her birthday, which was Thursday.

“I ended up winning, and I chose the spa basket because I need the opportunity to relax,” Norris said.

Norris said as she got closer to getting her winning bingo, she could feel the tension building.

Allison Koch, a senior kinesiology and sports studies major, and Ashley Kersten, a senior family and consumer sciences major, both won the last round of bingo and split the prize basket between themselves.

“We came together as friends, so we figured it would be easier for both of us to split (the prize),” Koch said.

Kersten said before they won, it was intense because they both had multiple cards with only one or two empty spaces on them.

“At first we had to compete with another student in trivia because all three of us won at the same time,” Koch said. “She got the first one right, and we both got it wrong. It kind of worked out perfectly.”

Koch and Kersten said they both enjoy playing bingo and had a fun night getting to play bingo together.

“I feel like tonight went really well,” May said. “We had a good turnout, and everyone was engaged the whole time.”

May said students should not hesitate to go to activities on campus, and getting involved can help improve not only their social life, but their academic life as well.

“You might meet someone, or you might learn something new, like tonight,” May said. “The more things you don’t go to, the more things you miss out on.”


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