CAA to vote to change name of women’s studies program

Staff Report

The Council on Academic Affairs will vote on a change to the name of the women’s studies program and minor and a revision to the psychology minor at its next meeting Thursday.

Women’s studies voted to rename the program to women’s gender and sexuality studies in the fall of 2015. According to the rationale, the change will bring Eastern’s program “up-to-date relative to contemporary scholarship on gender” and will make the program more competitive with other programs in the country that are also making the same change.

The change to the psychology minor would add Neuropsychology to the list of courses that fulfill the Group B requirement for the psychology minor and add Human Memory to the list of courses that fulfill the Group C requirement to the minor.

The rationale to the change said this will give students additional opportunities to meet the requirements for the minor.

Four new courses are also set to be voted on.

These new classes are one in Queer Theories, Supply Chain and Logistics Management, Spanish for the Health Professions and Introduction to Studies of Sexuality and Gender Diversity.

The CAA will meet at 2 p.m. Thursday in room 4440 in the Booth Library.

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