Journalism department chair earns hall of fame spot

AJ Fournier, Campus Reporter

Sally Renaud, chair of the journalism department, will be inducted into the College Media Associations John A. Boyd Hall of Fame in October.

Although she said it is a bit overwhelming, Renaud said she feels humbled to be inducted.

“I have such reverence for the people who taught me and were my mentors,” Renaud said.

Renaud said everything she learned about being an adviser she learned from CMA by taking different classes and workshops.

“I genuinely believe there is a relationship in our field between high school, college and the professional journalism world,” Renaud said.

Renaud said she believes in helping students get involved in student media, and she is there to help students improve.

“I do read the paper and watch WEIU, so I know when people do a good piece or story and I want students to know that people are reading it and paying attention,” Renaud said.

Kelly Lash, president of CMA, said the group is dedicated to advisers in education.

She said Renaud has been someone who reaches out and makes you feel like your work matters, and is the person who can think of the good CMA can do.

Lash said Renaud “always makes you feel hospitality and she is someone who can critique your work and still makes you feel heard.”

Renaud has served more than 20 years for CMA.

Throughout this time, Renaud has served on the board of directors and held various positions, including vice president and president.

Meredith Taylor, executive director of CMA, said Renaud’s service is what made her stand out since she joined the group in 1995.

Taylor said Renaud has made a deep impact on the college media industry and her influence goes far beyond her work.

“She has been president of the organization, she has been the chair to many committees and has been a long term and reliable volunteer that many members relay on and know,” Taylor said.

Renaud was chosen to be inducted after several members provided letters of recommendation, a committee of CMA members selected her and the board of directors approved the recommendation.

“She is the type of person who should be inducted due to how much she has done for CMA,” Lash said.

Renaud will officially be honored in Dallas at the college media convention. As part of the awards ceremony, she will receive a trophy and become a lifetime member.

Taylor said the John A. Boyd Hall of Fame award is the most prestigious honor given by CMA. It recognizes the dedication and contributions of members who devoted extensive service to CMA.

Lola Burnham, interim director for student publications, said Renaud has always worked well with student media and stays involved with her students lives, even past graduation.

Burnham said Renaud travels to all national conventions with students and is always willing to pitch in and do what she needs to do to help.

“Sally is great at articulating to the world outside why student medias are so necessary, for both as a training ground for future journalist and document life on campus,” Burnham said.

Burnham said Renaud has been an adviser to student publications while working at other schools before coming to Eastern.

“Sally is able to talk journalism, talk the importance of journalism, the importance of first amendment and how history has affected all that has happened,” Burnham said.

Burnham said Sally is a firm believer in a strong and independent news media, and a big supporter of the work that happens in students’ news media.

“She pushes students to get involved, and is a huge cheerleader to our students and to the world outside that we need strong student media,” Burnham said.

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