Possible shots fired on 4th Street

Analicia Haynes, Managing Editor

Several students reported what they thought were shots fired early Thursday morning outside of the Melrose Apartments on 4th Street.

The Charleston Police Department is still investigating the report, coordinating with their night staff to get more information.

Derek Flaugher, a senior sociology major and his girlfriend Kaitlyn Crossen, an Eastern alumna, claimed they heard three pops right outside their window.

“It was unreal,” Flaugher said regarding the shooting sound. “I was passed out, heard three or more shots and I was like that was not (normal). Then I woke her up and was like ‘did you just hear that?’ and she was like ‘it was just tapping noises’ and I was like no those weren’t tapping noises.”

Flaugher said the shots sounded as if somebody was unloading their clip.

Crossen lives in the apartment, which is on the first level and Flaugher said they heard the shots right outside the window.

“It happens all the time,” Crossen said. “Some of us would like to go to bed without the fear of being shot through our window. Can we make that happen please?”

Flaugher and Crossen did not call the police, instead their neighbors who live one floor above them called.

The neighbors who called the police declined to comment.

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