Campus police officers to serve lemonade

Valentina Vargas, Contributing Writer

Students will be able to interact with the officers from the University Police Department through “Layin’ Down the Law Lemonade Stand” from noon to 2 p.m. on Wednesday outside of Coleman Hall.

University Police officers will also be giving handouts to students about campus safety tips, such as being aware of their surroundings or not walking alone at night, as well as giving out lemonade.

The handouts will include important contact phone numbers as well.

There will also be other items like whistles, key chains and flashlights given away during the lemonade stand.

University Police Chief Kent Martin said the UPD has tried different activities such as having coffee and pizza with students before, although this time they have decided to mix things up and collaborate with the University Board.

Ella Blakley, a junior art major, said it is cool that the police officers will be interacting with students through the lemonade stand.

“Some students might be nervous, but I mean I’m nervous when I talk to people (in general),” Blakely said.

Martin said the lemonade stand will open lines of communication between police and students.

“(It will) let us see that we’re all just people,” Martin said. “It allows us to make contact with (students) in a non-enforcement environment that is more relaxed and laid back.”

Michaela Viernum, a senior communication disorders and sciences major, said some people might question the lemonade stand, but she hopes people will still approach it.

“If students see (police officers) giving out lemonade, it will be cool,” Viernum said. “It will be good to have them (the police officers) interacting since we don’t really see them walking around, just riding in patrol cars.”

Martin is anticipating connecting with the students the police officers serve.

“By getting to know each other and establishing lines of communication, we can better relate to one another and try to understand where each of us is coming from,” he said.

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