RSOs recruit new members at Pantherpalooza

Miranda Gomez, Contributing Writer

Students and faculty gathered for the 16th semi-annual PantherPalooza in the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union.

Organizations and groups came together and provided the student body with opportunities to participate in the many clubs and organizations that Eastern has to offer.

There were not only professional clubs focusing on a specific major, but there were also clubs that focused on giving back and community service.

With many options for them to choose from, students from all backgrounds were able to join every club and organization.

Junior psychology major Ashley Jones said she was looking for new and interesting clubs to join since she is a transfer here and wanted to experience different things.

“There are so many clubs, I can’t decide which one to join,” Jones said.

English Club Representative Christy Vasilopoulos said she wanted to get the word out about English Club, which any student who is interested in reading and writing for pleasure can join regardless of his or her major.

Vasilopoulos said not only does the group read and write, but they also go on trips and have fun nights.

Trips to see plays and discussions with authors are part of the yearly plan for the group.

“English club is here to help people to enjoy reading again and to promote literacy,” she said.

English club holds open mic nights and poetry slams as well as a student faculty trivia night every semester, Vasilopoulos said.

Baylie Painter,president of Big Brothers Big Sisters, said the club is a community-based organization with an interest in giving back.

They are involved with the event Girls on the Run. She said the club members attend the 5k race to cheer on and support all who are involved.

“We give the kids another person to look up to besides their parents or someone at school. I am a big sister in the community and it is a lot of fun,” Painter said.

Secretary of Big Brother Big Sister Amber Gratz, secretary of Big Brothers Big Sisters,  said the group focuses on volunteer work in the Charleston community and provide mentor programs to kids.

“I really want to promote this, I want more people to be involved and have a good mix of men and women in our organization,” Gratz said. “We really need Big Brothers but we want more people to be involved.”

Elizabeth Pasieta, a member of Epsilon Sigma Alpha, said she was happy to share information about her sorority. They volunteer with St. Jude and Easter Seals. The sorority holds events to raise money for both of these organizations, Pasieta said.

“Epsilon Sigma Alpha is an RSO that is based on giving back and community service,” Pasieta said. “One of our main goals is trying to get more involved in the community and do more community service projects.”

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