Little known resources available in Gregg, Booth

AJ Fournier, Campus Reporter

Though people may not always notice them, the Booth Library and the Gregg Technology Center both offer different resources to students.

Bradley Tolppanen, interim dean of the Booth Library, said in addition to books the library offers periodicals, CDs, DVDs and umbrellas available for checkout.

“We provide information resources for all the students in any classes they take. Any student can come here and get the information they need, regardless of the course they take,” Tolppanen said.

Public relations director Beth Heldebrandt added that in the Ballenger Teachers Center, patrons can check out items such as puppets and activity kits to assist children’s educational enrichment.

Tolppanen said the library also has a computer lab and three group listening rooms, which are soundproof places where students can play guitar or piano.

“We do have two guitars and two keyboards, in addition to the recording equipment available to be used in the music rooms,” Heldebrandt said.

Reference librarians who are experts in various subjects offered at Eastern are available to help students with coursework.

On the Booth Library site there is live help — a 24-hour service where patrons can chat with a librarian and ask questions.

“It is a cooperative arrangement where libraries around the world provide resources,” said David Bell, one of the reference service librarians.

Students can also email in questions or help they need and expect an answer within the same business day or 24 hours at the most, Bell said.

Sophomore sociology major Isaiah Curtis said he uses the library to keep himself from distractions.

“The library gives me a place to go when I need to do homework, because it is too distracting to do it in my dorm,” Curtis said.

Along with the Booth Library, the Gregg Technology Center has equipment that can assist students.

“We have a loaner program where students can checkout audio equipment, cameras, video equipment, wireless microphones, speakers, headsets, students can also check out either Mac Book pros or PCs for a 24 hour period,” said Jong Kim, a tech support specialist at the Center.

Kim said to check out these products all that is required is an active student ID.

However, because of limited equipment, if a student is late returning an item they checked out, they could get a $50 late fee.

The computers at Gregg all have Adobe Acrobat Suite software, and the computers can run either Mac or PC.

“When you restart the computer, as it is rebooting, hold the option button and it will give you the choice of which (operating system) you want to boot to,” Kim said.

One section of the Gregg Technology Center has computers specifically for video editing and another section is for classrooms.

Joshua Taylor, a senior communication studies major, said he uses the software at Gregg and prints at the library so he does not need to break the bank.

“Being here four years and not having to buy a printer has been a huge help,” Taylor said. “Being able to use Adobe software at Gregg Technology Center and not buy the expensive software has helped me in all my classes.”

Taylor said being able rent cameras and laptops from Gregg has helped him explore different paths with his studies.

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