Students share experiences of working on-campus jobs

AJ Fournier, Campus Reporter

With different jobs around Eastern, students share their experiences of working on the campus itself.

Lexie Bustard, a senior communications studies major and cashier at the Panther Pantry, said that it is a pretty fun job, and it has a few benefits too.

“The pantry works around my school schedule real well. I get convenient hours because the pantry is only open so late, so it is nice that I don’t have to work late with classes and homework,” Bustard said.

Bustard said her favorite part of the job is getting to interact with people. Every day, she meets someone new.

Because people come in often, Bustard said she gets to know them and thinks it is cool to see some familiar faces on campus.

Bustard said the only downside of the job is when not a lot of people come in because then it can get boring, especially on weekends.

Liam Bechtold, a junior accounting major and resident assistant for Thomas Hall, said he has had great experiences and enjoys the community he lives with.

“I get to help new students move in and transition to campus and have a college experience. Plus, free room and board isn’t bad— only downside is having to put up bulletin boards,” Bechtold said.

Bechtold said the biggest benefit of his job at Eastern is that the university is understanding about scheduling.

“They understand that you are a student first and a worker second and that education comes first,” Bechtold said.

Dallas Lancenese, a junior business management major, works as a desk assistant in Thomas Hall. He said he enjoys seeing everyone and having interactions with different people.

“If you want to compare it to an off-campus job, they kind of expect you to work around their schedule. Being on campus is really nice because they understand that you have classes and can get busy,” Lancenese said.

Lancenese said that his favorite part of the job is when people are walking by and they have a question. If they need help, then he gets to be the person they come to.

“The only downside of the job is you are only allowed to work 42 hours a pay period, but that’s just the university looking out for you since your full-time job is being a student,” Lancense said.

Puja Paila, a graduate computer technology major as well as a library secretary, said that working on campus has been a good experience, and that Eastern is really flexible with class schedules.

Palia has also worked in Thomas dining. She said she enjoys experiencing every part of the different jobs.

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