Prowl picnic lets new students get to know each other

AJ Fournier, Campus Reporter

The annual Prowl Picnic last Friday kicked off in the South Quad bringing together new and returning students as well as faculty and staff.

The picnic had high energy, high attendance and was a great day, Mike Mifflin the complex director for Lawson, Stevenson and Douglas Hall said.

He said it gives students the opportunity to interact with other students.

Prowl Leader Gary Uteg said that the picnic was very fun and eventful.

“It brings all the students together, and shows how high spirited we are as a school,” Uteg said.

Uteg said he got involved with Panther Pals because he met one of his best friends through it and wanted to share his experience with new students.

Freshman Jake Cummings said he is most excited for the college experience. He said for him, this means meeting new people and getting involved in history club and student government.

“Everyone has been really helpful,” Cummings said. “There is no more being popular or socially biased and no one seems afraid to talk.”

Ethan Osborne, a freshman history education major, said he is excited to get involved in student government as well. Osborne said although he is one of the only freshmen on his floor, everyone has been really friendly, helpful and accepting.

Freshman Jordan-Marie Norton said that her first night at Eastern went well and that everyone was very welcoming.

Being at Eastern is a big change for Norton as she has lived in a small town her entire life.

She said being at Eastern seemed a little overwhelming.

Freshman Seung-hyean Kim said he enjoyed the picnic and he is looking forward to playing basketball while here.

Eastern President David Glassman said the picnic helps bond people together. It also helps new students make friends and learn to bond with the faculty and staff. This way, the students can come and ask for help with anything, he said.

“Feels great to be back, we’re looking forward to keeping academics strong and moving students toward success,” Glassman said.


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