Tarble After Hours uses ‘90s theme, student collaborations

Kalyn Hayslett, Editor-in-Chief


The Tarble Arts Center’s After Hours “Flashback to the 90s” plans to transport students back in time with vibrant decoration, popular music from the decade, a range of performances and a costume contest.

The After Hours will be open from 7 to 10 p.m. Thursday, and admission is free.

Monica Scott, the Tarble Art Center’s education consultant, said the ’90s is a memorable decade and hopes the theme translates throughout the entire center.

“I hope it’s vibrant, colorful and that people when they come in will be met with smiling faces and with dope music,” Scott said.

The entire center will be open for students to view the graduate students’ artwork on display, participate in the creation station and enjoy performances in the atrium.

Students will be able to make abstract drawings that pay homage to the current artwork on display, Scott said.

Alan Hunt was the DJ for the first Tarble After Hours in October, but this time he will only play hits from the ‘90s.

Another difference is this will be the first time Tarble has partnered with the registered student organization Couture Models.

“Having Couture Models will bring a dynamic presence to the After Hours,” Scott said. “The Tarble is really interested in partnering with students. After Hours’ whole purpose is for student to have a whole different environment for them to interact with the arts.”

Jalen Washington, model and future president, said teaming up with Tarble has two purposes: to help promote the art center and to give the students a glimpse of what to expect from Couture for next year.

“If you ask around, a lot of people don’t know what it (Tarble) is,” Washington said. “We are teaming up to get people to know about Tarble.”

Adrianna Fullerton, current Couture Models president, said the performance was a chance for her to step back and give the future exec-board members a chance to coordinate their first show.

“I think it is cool and important for people to see what they are going to bring to the table. Just because I’m leaving doesn’t mean Couture is over. I just want people to know we are still going to blossom and slay,” Fullerton said.

Washington said the audience will see a different side of the models because the performance will involve more dancing and choreography then previous shows.

“We are going to give a little love story,” Washington said. “This is definitely incorporating more dancing. It will give a more upbeat effect other than just a fashion show.”

Beside a performance from Couture Models, there will be an A capella song selection, rapping, spoken word, tap dancing, live musicians and dancing from different students around campus.

Washington said other than the fashion show showcasing knitted tops, each performance will incorporate the theme with the music, outfits and dance moves.

Students can participate in the costume contest, and the people who embody the ‘90s fashion the most will receive a prize, Scott said.

Next to the creation station, Tarble Arts student workers created a backdrop where people can take selfies, Scott said.

“The selfie station will incorporate slang,” Scott said. “It was a lot of fun talking to see what slang they remember from the ‘90s.”

Free food will be provided, including pizza, juice and cookies.

Tarble Arts will continue to host After Hours in hopes of attracting more students, Scott said.

“Engagement issues is what we are concerned with; just getting the word out is an everlasting challenge with getting new people,” Scott said. “As we provide interesting programming, then we will have people who will always be on the lookout for the next best thing at Tarble.”

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