Homework Heroes looking for mentors

Chelsey Milligan, Contributing Writer

The “Homework Heroes” tutoring program is currently looking for a diverse group of majors to help mentor others.

Mentors must have a declared major, at least a 2.75 cumulative GPA and a flexible schedule.

The Homework Heroes program was designed to give struggling students an academic mentor on campus.

Those who need tutoring will meet with their Homework Hero in any of the residence halls on campus to discuss how their classes are going, seek help in the areas they are struggling and discuss academic goals.

To keep tutoring sessions one-on-one, the organizers of the program are looking for more mentors to join.

There is a current need for Homework Heroes who major in math, geology, history, chemistry and English.

Those interested can sign up online at www.eiu.edu/housing/homework.php to be a Homework Hero or if they need a “hero” themselves.

Kelsey Cripe, assistant director of residence life and conference services and Thalia Frederick, the chair of academic initiatives and retention, co-coordinate the Homework Heroes program.

The coordinators of the Homework Heroes program give shoulder tap cards, similar to business cards, to students who show good signs of being an academic mentor.

“We know when someone is the right fit to be a Homework Hero based on their hard work and dedication they put forward in order to help someone succeed,” Frederick said. “We look for people who want to make an impact on someone’s life in the end.”

Frederick said a few of the benefits of being in the program include the development of interpersonal skills, that it helps students grow as a leader on campus, and that the program counts as community service.

“This is also an amazing experience to use on a resume,” Frederick said.

Homework Heroes are students who excel in a particular subject.  For Allison Koch, a junior kinesiology major, her specialty is math.

Koch tutored in high school and has been a Homework Hero since the fall of 2015.

She said the Homework Heroes program is helpful because “it is easier to learn from people your age.”

“(Being a Homework Hero) has helped me meet more people,” Koch said. “I like seeing people across campus and being able to reach out to them… especially people I help mentor.”


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