Alpha Sigma Alpha tugged to victory


Jason Howell

Members of Lambda Chi Alpha’s little men’s tugs team defeat Sigma Alpha Epislon with a time of 1:47 for the little men’s championship on Saturday at the Campus Pond.

Loren Dickson, Entertainment Reporter

Greek Week ended in the mud with the final round of Tugs on Saturday.

Returning champions Alpha Sigma Alpha won in the women’s championship round against Sigma Sigma Sigma, with a time of two minutes, 42 seconds. Sigma Pi beat Lambda Chi Alpha in the championship round for Big Men Tugs in one minute and eight seconds.

As the women of Alpha Sigma Alpha were only a few feet away from being pulled into Campus Pond, spectators screamed louder to encourage them to keep fighting.

At the very front of the rope was Alpha Sigma Alpha member Elisa Perez, a junior communication studies major.

“Our strategy was all mental,” Perez said. “We just wanted to win so we knew what we had to do and we knew we were able to do it.”

Although a mental competition, Tugs is physically demanding as well.

“We would practice five times a week for about an hour and a half,” Perez said. “Our girls would also go to the gym every day on top of that.”

Perez said she could tell her team improved and became more dedicated over months of practice.

“I’m so proud of my team for getting out there today,” she said. “It’s been a great Greek Week.”

Perez said it is always bittersweet for her at the end of Greek Week.

“It’s awesome to see that no matter what chapter you’re in, everyone crowds around you and wants you to win…everyone congratulates each other and (Tugs) is a big community event,” she said. “I’m excited for us to come out here next year and do it all again.”

Sigma Pi Tugs coach Kevin Augustyn described his fraternity as being the best in the competition.

“We have won five out of the last seven years,” Augustyn said. “I just think we have a different intensity level than everyone else. We have the heart, the form, the technique and the mindset.”

Augustyn said for various reasons, fewer fraternities tugged this year compared to previous years.

“Making it fun comes with a lot of participation,” he said. “I just like having more competition.”

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