Museum conference to center on diversity

Lee Mayhood, Contributing Writer


The 40th annual symposium of the Historical Administration Program Association will focus on its theme “Making Museums Relevant for Diverse Communities.”

Participants can learn how different institutions attract groups of visitors to their museums and try to make museums more relevant for diverse groups.

A full schedule and registration form can be found on the Historical Administration webpage.

An alumni gathering free to attend will be held from 6 to 9 p.m. Friday at the Dudley House at 895 7th St.

The keynote speaker at this year’s event is Rehema Barber, director and chief curator of the Tarble Arts Center.

According to the program guide, other presenters include Rachel Kimpton, Lauren Wiley, and Melody Williams, program directors of Museum Game Night; Sara Phalen, director of Chicago West Museum; and Anni Holm, curator of the People Made Visible Community.

Nora Pat Small, interim chair of the history department, said proceeds from the symposium will go towards the Historical Administration graduate program.

HAPA is an alumni group that also supports the program and current students through financial support for annual study trips. They also created and fund a scholarship for the graduate program.

Small said they release a newsletter each semester for alumni. “It is a key way current students can network with different alumni,” she said.

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