Greek Week will kick off with Airband

Loren Dickson, Entertainment Reporter


The annual Airband dance competition will start Greek Week in style 7 p.m. Friday in McAfee Gym.

All of Eastern’s sororities and fraternities can participate, with some teams practicing for months in preparation.

Alpha Phi member Allison Divello describes Airband as an opportunity for sororities to get together and compete for something they love – dance.

“Last year (Alpha Phi) placed first!” Divello said. “That was really cool because that was my first year participating. It was such a great feeling to have worked so hard…to come out with a win after how much energy we put into it.”

Divello said participating in the competition last year helped her grow a stronger bond with her sorority.

“We all got to know each other so much better, and it brought us all together,” she said.

Divello said she was not allowed to disclose information about Alpha Phi’s theme, apparel or music.

“I can’t tell you until you see it, it’s a surprise,” she said. “All I can tell you is that we will be on stage for three minutes dancing to a mix of all different types of music.”

There are many rules that sororities and fraternities must follow for the competition, Divello said.

“We have to wear our Greek colors,” she said. “We can’t swear, we have to use props, and we have to get certain things approved.”

The winning sorority and fraternity will receive a trophy and bragging rights.

Emily Adair, chief of Airband and Kappa Delta sorority member, was in charge of choosing the judges for the event.

“I searched the Charleston/Mattoon area for adults with dance experience and knowledge of group performance,” Adair said. “I wanted to have judges that knew as must as possible about dance to ensure that each performance would be judged fairly.”

The judges this year will include a Walt Disney World Resort dancer, an owner and instructor of a dance studio, a dance coach, a couple of lifelong dancers and an Eastern alumnus.
Adair has also been in charge of setting up meetings for the teams, setting up rehearsals and preparing all teams for competition day.

“I love dancing, so for me it’s been really fun to see how all of the work these chapters have put into their dances are really paying off,” she said.

Although the themes for the competition were not disclosed, Adair stated that audience members should expect to witness a unique theme from all of the different chapters.

“Expect an experience…the crowd will really be taken away at how creative they all are,” she said.

Students and community members should not expect the Kesha concert on Saturday to conflict with Greek Week.

Airband will take place on Friday, while the Kesha concert will take place on Saturday and Greek Week will continue on Sunday with Greek Sing.

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