Students to premiere documentary on immigration

Kennedy Nolen, Multicultural Reporter


The EIU Students for Peace and Justice has been working on its own original documentary called “I Am Migration,” for months now.

The finished product will be shown 6 p.m. Thursday in Phipps Auditorium of the Physical Science Building.

Brenda Cuellar, associate director of international recruitment, said the group has been working on the documentary since October of last year and meeting every Sunday.

She said after over five months of hard work, they added the final touches to the documentary last week.

“The election and all the negative political rhetoric built a platform of fear,” Cuellar said, referencing issues around immigration into the US and refugees fleeing their war-torn countries.

She said EIU Students for Peace and Justice wants the documentary’s message to be that immigrants are living in the United States to provide for themselves, just like everyone else, and that they are people too.

“We are most proud of how we share the perspective of immigrants,” Cuellar said.

The team of students worked hard going through the extensive resources and information, Cuellar said, and they wanted to be sure they had the right information.

“The immigrants we did interview, their stories are incredible and filled with triumph,” she said.

Immigration impacts everyone in the US, Cuellar said, and it is everyone’s responsibility to play a role in fixing the broken system.

She said college students are the perfect audience for social change.

She added that seeing the film is a great opportunity for students to get educated on the topic of immigration and make a difference.

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