City Council to vote on budget

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The Charleston City Council will vote on a motion regarding the city budget for the fiscal year beginning in May at its next meeting.

The meeting will take place 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at City Hall.

The proposed budget would be for May 1, 2017 and would end April 30, 2018.

Also on the agenda is a council vote on the acquisition of two pieces of property.

The first, located at 221 N. Sixth Street, would be purchased for $600 plus $39 for recording.

The second piece of property being acquired, 511 N. Sixth Street, would be purchased for $600 plus $39 for recording as well.

Being acquired on 511 N. Sixth Street is Lot 12 in Block One in W.O Peak’s Addition to Charleston.

On 221 N. Sixth Street, the city wants to buy Lot One in Block Four in Wilson and Robinson’s Addition to Charleston.

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