Davis’ passion for softball started early


Justin Brown

Freshman Mia Davis has started all 18 games for the Panthers’ softball team. Davis is hitting .442 with 23 hits, 13 RBIs and 4 doubles.

Maria Baldwin, Feature Writer

Freshman softball power-hitter Mia Davis is already putting up big numbers for the Panthers, but she started out a little differently than most softball players.

“I started playing baseball when I was five because my brother was playing and I wanted to play because it was boring just sitting there and watching him,” Davis said.

Despite getting her first taste of the game playing with a baseball, Davis believes that the opportunity to play at a younger age gave her an advantage before she could sign up for her first softball team.

“I think that I have more experience than other girls because I started playing at such a young age and I just grew, and my understanding of the game has more depth than others because of this,” Davis said. “I think the only thing that was difficult was being with girls and playing with a bigger ball. It wasn’t very hard though, and it was basically the same thing.”

Davis said she was more nervous playing with the boys, because if she messed up, it would give them a reason to say she shouldn’t be playing with them.

“Just because I am a girl, I felt like I always had to work twice as hard as them. It helped me in the long run. I had a head start, by the time I started playing softball I was already moving up levels because I was already so good. I never compared myself to the boys because I knew I was different. I just had to do me,” Davis said.

Now, as one of Eastern’s main power hitters, Davis reflected that she is thankful she chose Eastern but was scared to come at first despite being recruited since she was 15.

“It was uncomfortable because I had gotten so used to Coach Angie (Nicholson) and now I had to come to Eastern and basically re-adjust to someone that I didn’t know. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, but I soon could say after arriving that I loved Coach Schuette.”

Davis accredits her biggest strength for Eastern in her offensive skills and being a consistent and strong hitter. Davis said she likes the pressure that comes with being an offensive powerhouse.

“I like the pressure and that people can rely on me a lot to come through and get big hits in very clutch times,” Davis said.

The freshman added when she gets that big hit, words cannot describe the feeling.

“It feels so good, my head will start racing and my stomach will start to hurt as I start to sweat. But I love it when it happens,” she said.

While her hitting is what she specializes in, Davis said that she would like to improve on her fielding in the outfield.

“I’m trying to get used to playing that position,” Davis said. “Just playing and getting a lot of reps in. I’m getting used to it and getting used to seeing balls come my way out there. Offensively, my goal is to have the highest batting average on the team, and to have one of the highest batting averages in the OVC.”

The freshman said she looks up to senior Amber Toenyes for advice.

“She’s a power hitter I try to keep up with her,” Davis said. “Yesterday, she was talking about frustration and about how when you get frustrated, don’t let it show because it gives the opposition the upper hand. She gives such great advice and it’s good, it really keeps me going,” Davis said.

Toenyes said Davis hasn’t been playing like a freshman, but a much older and confident player.

“She gets in the box and just has this confidence that we can all feed off of, and I think she has been a crucial part to our team’s success thus far and will continue to do so. Being in the top of the line-up she has been able to consistently jump start our offense by moving our speedy slappers around the bases,” Toenyes said.

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