Workgroup no.9 prepares for two town hall meetings

Angelica Cataldo, Managing Editor

Workgroup no. 9, Academic Visioning II, will have its first town hall meeting 4 p.m. Tuesday in the Coleman Hall Auditorium.

Workgroup members will discuss the Organization subcommittee’s recommendations for the different colleges at Eastern.

The subcommittee consists of Workgroup chair Melinda Mueller, a political science professor, sociology professor Michael Gillespie, education professor Jay Bickford and health studies professor Sheila Simons.

In previous meetings, the Organization subcommittee discussed the option of combining certain programs, departments and academic colleges.

During the subcommittee meetings, members looked at the roles each college played on campus and studied the option of combining different academic colleges under the same title.

Mueller said keeping the colleges the way they are is also an option the subcommittee recommended.

A handout will be provided at the presentation, which will be followed by a Q&A session and survey.

During the general meeting Monday, members also discussed preparations for next week’s town hall meeting, which will be 4 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 28 in the Coleman Hall Auditorium.

Next week, members of the Differential Tuition subcommittee and the Variable Learning Models subcommittee will be presenting their own recommendations.

The Differential Tuition subcommittee, led by Richard England, dean of the Honors College and Austin Cheney, chair of the technology department, will be presenting ideas for various tuition plans and different financial strategies for programs at Eastern.

The Variable Learning Models subcommittee, led by English professor Suzie Park and Amanda Harvey, interim associate director for Health Service, will present recommendations for course curriculums and schedules that could benefit Eastern in the future.

This includes the possibility of changing the academic calendar weeks, extending summer terms and offering a possible December term.

Both the Differential Tuition subcommittee and the Variable Learning Models subcommittee are in the process of finalizing their joint presentations. Both town hall meetings are being presented in similar fashion, with a Q&A and survey, like the first meeting.