Show your love without breaking bank

Kalyn Hayslett, Editor-in-Chief

Here are three gifts that anyone can recreate without spending more than $10 for Valentine’s Day. All the person needs is creativity, time and energy.

Cheers to love

This do-it-yourself project requires a wine glass and decorating supplies like stickers, permanent markers, paint and glitter. All supplies can be found in Wal-Mart and the Dollar Tree in Charleston.

The glass has a lot of surface area for the person to be creative and use their supplies to transform it to fit the person’s taste. Before decorating the glass make sure you sketch out your design on a sheet of paper and try to pick a design that is simplistic.

This is a simple reusable gift for people who are 21 years old and older. For an extra special touch, you can fill the glass with candy or special notes.

The love game

Purchase a set of standard playing cards and write a note on each card. This project just requires a marker and 52 creative compliments about your valentine. This inexpensive gift does not take much money or time but it is a great gesture to express how you feel about that person. The notes can range from simple compliments to detailed memories. The key is to have fun and be real.

Loving from the oven

Who does not enjoy baked goods?

The price and the number of ingredients do vary for each desert but I recommend for my new bakers, brownies or buy prepared cookie dough because they have minimal steps and ingredients.

For those experienced in the kitchen, I would recommend chocolate covered strawberries. A batch of strawberries and chocolate is all you need. There are some residence halls where students can access an oven and rent baking utensils. The key is to decorate the desserts with either sprinkles, frosting and fudge or caramel.